Spec and Sample Blog Posts


Money Saving Tips

  • Story headline
  • Explain why you chose the story
  • Brief description
  • Explain how you would deliver the story on Facebook (and the goal of that delivery method, whether engagement, traffic etc.)
  • Facebook copy + Facebook story headline + link post metadata
  • How would you incorporate a social graphic and/or video?​

5 Reasons Small Law Firms Should Invest in Their Marketing Strategy
Requirements (written during Hurricane Irma with a next day 9 am deadline):

  • Provide Thought Leadership for Credibility
  • Encourage Clear / Relevant Call to Action.
  • Minimum 2,000 word blog post
  • Link to at least three sources (can be outside sources, Crisp content peices, videos, case studies, etc.)
  • Embed at least one company video into the post
  • Try to include value pieces in the content that a potential cient could use to their advantage (provide knowledge!)
  • Minimum 2,000 word blog post
  • Grabs attention right away
  • Linkbacks to internal website
  • Link out to credible external sites that are easy to reference
  • Use of headers/numbers/lists
  • Lead to strong call to action
  • Brand Voice
  • Professionally Personal
  • Loaded with quality content.
  • Don’t dumb down the content.
  • Video & Image Placement
  • Need to have good mix of video and images throughout the blog that explains the content visually.