What is WellPower? WellPower is the Morrison Healthcare philosophy that eating well will power your life. That’s easier said, than done, right? So I decided to put it to the test for a month. Changing your dietary lifestyle can seem overwhelming and daunting, so allow me to break it down and share the results.

Step One: Identify WellPower foods

Don’t think you have to go expensive and organic with this, all the foods you need can be found right in your local grocery store. Head to the produce section, but don’t get seduced by the over saturated colors! Overly bright colors indicate excess preservatives, chemicals, and wax. Instead, use your other senses. Feel the firmness of your fruits or vegetables, and smell what should be the natural odors emanating from the product.

Step Two: Food Preparation

Morrison Healthcare provides a library of delectable and healthy recipes. Whether you bake, stir fry, or slow cook, make sure you monitor the sodium input, but vary up the spices to keep your taste buds interested. When your mouth gets bored, it puts the experiment at risk. Remember, coconut and olive oil are your friends!

Step Three: Live Your Life And Reap the Benefits

Within the first week, I could already feel a difference. I was sleeping better, and waking up refreshed. Getting restful sleep put me in a pretty good mood and people noticed! (Am I really that cranky all the time?)

The second week continued with restful sleep and good moods. Not to get all TMI here, I’ll just say that my digestive system also noticed a difference. This added to mood enhancement, and my clothes seemed to fit a little better.

Since my body felt so rested and I was feeling so good, by week three, I was adding more exercise to my daily routine. Not to brag, but I looked good in my clothes and out. I felt more comfortable hanging out at the community pool where my new look and attitude did not go unnoticed.

Rolling out of week four, I can declare Operation WellPower a success!  I have lost ten pounds, got a promotion at work, and got engaged! Eat well, power up your life! 😉