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1- Actual Article – Unique Ways To Come Up With Rent

Clark Howard followers are always on the look out for smart ways to save money. Rent or housing is a large part of everyone’s budget. These unique ways of saving money or discovering new ways to make extra money in order to help defray the cost of rent would be beneficial to everyone.

The article is a list of common “do’s” which turn out to be “don’t’s” and offers more practical alternatives. For instance, it suggests instead of selling plasma, sign up for Swagbucks, an online paid survey, or calling 211 for programs offering rental assistance rather than calling your parents. This article contains nine common “schemes” and counters with nine comparable non traditional options.

This story would probably best perform by hitting Facebook the last week of the month, just as people are anticipating the first of the month bills. The primary goal would be traffic, but with the right graphic and content, some fun engagement can be elicited.

– Facebook Copy

It’s almost the first of the month and rent is the biggest budget buster! No need to call your parents, try these unique ways to earn extra money.

What is the oddest thing you’ve ever done to cut corners?

– Clark Howard Headline – Unconventional (But Legal) Ways to Earn Extra Money For Rent

Sometimes things happen and you over exert your budget before it’s time to pay rent. Explore these unconventional ways to save or make extra money to make sure you’re covered for the months to come.

2- Actual Article – You May Be Able To Get Collection Accounts Off Your Credit Sooner Than You Think

Credit score is very important for everyone to keep track of. It not only affects whether you can get a loan for a home or a car, but also affects whether you can rent an apartment / car or even get a job. Clark Howard followers would definitely benefit from being informed of any changes to collections information, and if the reports can be removed from their credit history.

This article describes the importance of having good credit history and a good credit score and how having a collections account on record could severely damage and lower one’s score. Within the article, there is a personal account of a man’s discovery of his low score and the steps he took to get the collections history removed. This was largely accomplished by making some calls, and discovering the collections agency had quietly changed its policy in his favor.

This may be a good Facebook post for late evening or early morning. The goal for this article would be purely traffic driven.

-Facebook Copy – Raising a low credit score can be a long hard road, but you may be able to drop that collections history from your credit report to raise your score.

– Clark Howard Headline – Change In Collections Reporting May Benefit Your Credit Score

Raising your credit score could be as simple as picking up your phone.

*insert stock photo of credit report*

3- Actual Article –  Look For A New Job Discreetly

There are a lot of people unhappy with their current jobs out there. It is said that it’s easiest to find a job when you have a job, but is it? Clark Howard followers would be interested to know best practices on how to find a new job without losing the one they have.

This article offers advice and etiquette for looking for a new job when currently employed. The first piece of advice is one most people don’t think of which is to look within the company for new opportunities. The advice following, lists LinkedIn stealth search modes and, most importantly, not to search while at work.

This post would probably do best delivered in the middle of the day. Those unhappy with their jobs are probably on Facebook. The primary goal would be traffic driven, but engagement may happen organically with people posting their needs, and others posting leads or links.

– Facebook Copy – They say it’s easiest to find a job when you have a job. But how do you look for a job without losing your job?

– Clark Howard Headline – How To Find A New Job Without Losing The Job You Have

It’s bad etiquette to look for a new job while you are working at your current one. So, what’s the best way to better your situation?

4- Actual Article – Tried And True Ways to Save Money This Year

Clark Howard’s mission is to help people save money. This is what his followers are most on the look out for.

This is a buzzfeed story, so of course it adds humor with its “listicle” and gifs, but there are a lot of good options listed that I hadn’t heard of before. Delivering “boring” information in a fun way will always attract attention.

This would be great to hit early in the morning or late afternoon, when people are on Facebook the most, right before work, or after. Around the lunch hour would work as well. The goal would be traffic driven, but engagement may occur organically with this one as well, since a funny meme would be attached and fans may offer up their own unique ways of saving money.

– Facebook Copy – Have you tried these innovative ways to save money?

– Clark Howard Headline – New Ways To Save Money That Actually Work

Try these tips on budgeting and saving money for 2017

5- Actual Article – 31 Road Trips You Need To Take If You’re On A Budget

Everyone daydreams about their next vacation. Clark Howard followers will be interested in how they can plan their next get away without spending too much money.

This is another Buzzfeed list which includes gorgeous photos of U.S. destinations you can reach by car and lists the cost of each location.

This would best hit Facebook during the day, when people are at work but daydreaming about not being at work. The goal for this post would be engagement. People love to talk about their vacations.

– Facebook Copy – Check out these gorgeous road trip destinations for a vacation without breaking the bank!

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken on a budget?

– Clark Howard Headline – Must See Beautiful Places You Can Road Trip To

Don’t let your budget limit your vacation options.

6- Actual Article – Three Top Tax Breaks for Middle Class

Tax season is coming up, and everyone is curious about what they can do to lessen the hit. Clark Howard followers, like everyone, are keen on holding on to as much of their paycheck as possible, most are also unaware of many of the breaks that are beneficial to them.

This article lists helpful tax breaks: retirement accounts, dependent related credits, and social security bonuses for retirees.

This is a post best delivered in the evening or weekend. This is when most people are preparing or worrying about doing their taxes. The goal for this post would be traffic driven.

– Facebook Copy – Tax season is coming up! Here are some tax breaks you may not be aware of.

– Clark Howard Headline – Top Tax Breaks For The Upcoming Tax Season

Will I get a refund, or will I owe this year? That is the question. Try these overlooked tax breaks to ease the pain this tax season.

*insert stock photo of W2 form*

7- Actual Article – Paid Market Research

This is an easy way to make extra money without a lot of effort. Clark Howard followers probably aren’t aware that there are many market research or focus groups in their area that will pay them for their opinion.

This is a list of paid focus groups you can look up by locale.

I would have this post hit Facebook late evening. The kids are in bed, you’re on the computer while watching tv, so you can spare some time to fill out the surveys before calling it a night. This would be purely traffic driven.

– Facebook Copy – Get paid for your opinion!

– Clark Howard Headline – Focus Groups Will Pay For Your Opinion

You have an opinion! These are the groups who will pay to hear them.

*insert stock photo of focus group or taste test*

8- Actual Article – Best Shark Tank Pitch Ever

Everyone dreams of having that million dollar idea so that they would be set for life. For most, that is just a daydream, very few make it to execution and / or success. Clark Howard followers would be interested to know the steps on how to draw up a business plan then taking the idea to making a successful pitch to an investor.

This is a video of a Shark Tank pitch. Scrub Daddy was a product no one realized they needed, and Lori was brave enough to invest in it and help Aaron Kraus take it to the next step and make millions.

I would have this post hit during the day during prime time. This would drive traffic, but the goal for this post would primarily be for engagement.

– Facebook Copy – What’s your million dollar idea?

– Clark Howard Headline – Draw Up A Business Plan And Make A Pitch The Sharks Can’t Refuse

It all comes down to the product and the pitch in the Shark Tank. Does your million dollar idea have what it takes?

*I would make a video of Clark Howard making a pitch on a green screen, then super impose b roll of the sharks making a deal*

9- Actual Article – 5 Things You Need To Hear To Self Publish A Book

There are many people out there trying to make it as a writer. Clark Howard followers may be interested to know how to take their finished works and actually get it published. This would be a great local human interest story since, Cox family member, Melissa Carter, wrote and published a children’s book. The Clark Howard article could follow her story.

This article offers advice on how not to get taken advantage of, along with having to have the self awareness to realize that the timing might not be right.

I would have this Facebook post deliver on the weekend. This is when most writers are trying to motivate to work and organize. The primary goal would be for traffic with fair amount of encouragement for engagement.

– Facebook Copy – Your friends didn’t think you would do it, but you did it, you finished your book! Now What? Learn the ins and outs of self publishing. Our own Melissa Carter did it, so can you!

If you have self published, tell us your story and the title of your book!

– Clark Howard Headline – What You Need To Know To Self Publish A Book

You’ve overcome that last hurdle, and you actually finished your book! Here’s how you tackle the next hurdle of getting it published. Is self publishing right for you?

10- Actual Article – TV Ratings for Hunted Holds for 3 Way Wednesday Win

Clark Howard followers may be interested in the best practices to “get off the grid.” Technology is a blessing and a curse at times. It provides information, but we rely on it too much. This would be a good way to connect people on how to disconnect.

Hunted is a new show that follows people who have signed up to “go on the run,” along with the teams of former law enforcement officers assigned to “hunt” them down. The “fugitives” have a limited radius they’re allowed to “escape” to, and have limited funds which they have access to via ATM. Their goal is to remain “uncaptured” for 28 days to win a prize of $250,000.

I would have this Facebook post deliver in the early evening, as people get settled in after work. This would be purely engagement driven.

– Facebook Copy – Have you been watching that new show Hunted? What have you done to get off the grid? What would your strategy be to escape the “hunters?”

– Clark Howard Headline – Do You Have What It Takes To Stay Off The Grid?

With the popularity of the show Hunted, everyone is strategizing how they would get away. Here are some tips what to pack, how to pack light, and what to do for money.