TOGETHER – Performed for Write Club Atlanta

Teamwork makes the dream work! We’ve all heard this cliché, right?

But WHAT does it mean?

That’s what I’m here to break down for you. My name is Dr Melei, I’m an industrial psychological anthropologist. I’m sure you’ve heard of me (pause) … no? Um, okay … I’m quite famous … I comment a lot on facebook … whatever …

Your CEOs, Mrs. Dumois and Mr. Flaherty, brought me in to find out how each and every one of you tick. Why? Because each and every one of you is a unique, yet valuable gear.

But if you’re off spinning by yourself, well nothing really works, you see? BUT, if I can get each and every one of you beautiful gears to fit together and spinning in harmony … well, now this machine is a-movin!

How will I make this happen? NO, how will WE make this happen?

See what I did there? I’ve already included you in the process! We are all in this together! What insight could I possibly have, you might ask?

What is so special about me? Well, it’s not about me … it’s about you! Because, I know each and every one of you! How? You might ask? I observed you, I studied you, I followed you. That’s right! I followed each and every one of you. I know what makes each and every one of you tick!

What do you really know about each other?

Did you know that Sally is the most feared warrior when she

LARPs on the weekend? Oh she’s quite masterful. The way she dodges the blows of her enemies, defends her loyal troops, andmoves in for the kill at just the right time … it really is quite a spectacle to watch.

Her battle skills are respected by all! (EYE CONTACT) Sally, let’s bring that leadership into Yoonme Corp! You would be the model worker and on the fast track to middle management.

Margaret over here, well her son takes ballet! This is not an easy hobby for a young teenage boy to participate in. Yet, he does it with grace and dignity. Everyone here could learn so much from his focus, his control, his discipline. He makes his fellow performers shine with his support and attitude. Meanwhile, Margaret supports her son.

She goes to every practice. She goes to every performance. She makes every costume – and by hand! Margaret is one proud mama! This is a woman you want in your corner, right? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m gushing. I just love your family, so much! I want to eat dinner at your house every night! The Friday night pork roasts, and weekend lamb shanks look delicious! My mouth waters just thinking about it…

Back there, we have Donny who plays guitar in a band. His hips move in the most hypnotic way. His fingers fly over the guitar strings furiously as if possessed by a humming bird. All of his movements are art in motion. It could be three hours before you’ve realized you haven’t even blinked. – That’s a long time to not blink!

And Billy … sweet young supple Billy. Billy eats lunch at his desk every day alone, writing poetry.

To free the bee

that I hold so tight

I need help so it can take flight

My hand is swollen

Stinging in pain

My grasp grows tighter

Wishing in vain

You take my hand

Unfurl my fingers

The bee is free, off into the ether

The bee is me

I’m finally free.

Isn’t that just marvelous? Yes,Billy wrote that. And that’s a gem I had to go digging for, it was waaaaaay in the back of his desk drawer.

Yes, Billy, I am dedicated to getting to know you better. To know each and every one of you better. So I can bring you all together. Donny, did you know that when Billy sings in the shower, he has the most angelic voice? It’s as if rainbows have been absorbed into the pleasure sensors of your brain. When he’s cleansing his young perfect skin and belting out magnificent melodies, time stands still.*wakes up from reverie* I bet he would make a wonderful addition to your band! The two of you are too beautiful to not be shared with the world. On stage together, you could bring down empires!

I just had a brilliant idea. Hear me out … a show isn’t about skill alone, it’s got to be a huge, a production! Margaret could make your costumes, and Sally would be a shark of a manager.

The world needs Donny and Billy, I can’t just keep you all to myself, right? Right? We should make this happen! I can see it now … Hmmmm? What’s that Mrs. Dumois? Oh yes, I’m getting to that. If you all bond together outside of work, the relationships you forge will carry over into the job, here … at Yoonme Corp! Yes!

No, don’t shake your heads. This is a great idea. It really COULD work.

Mrs. Dumois, Mr. Flaherty? Where are you going? Billy come back!

Donny! No one can love you like I can. Don’t leave me! You’re my everything! I can make you love me. I’m so lonely, I mean lovable, I AM lovable! Come back! Remember, WE ARE ALL IN THIS … together.