Together: Sunsets and Serenity

She looked down lovingly as she held his hand. Ramona’s thumb caressed the ridges and callouses of Edgar’s index finger. Ramona always loved Edgar’s hands. She thought they were his best feature, his touch always able to sooth and comfort her. It had been a tumultuous year, and on many occasion, Ramona had been unsure if they would survive as a couple.

Footsteps sloshed through the low tide waves as the sun set on the beaches of the lowcountry . Ramona glanced from the shrimp boats in the horizon to her lover’s eyes. His fingers, still entwined in hers, brushed the hair from her face as the gentle evening breeze swirled her auburn tendrils about.

The four hour long car ride from the city had been a silent one. Ramona thought back to the argument that preceded this mini vacation. Aware of the stress Edgar had been under at work lately, Ramona prudently devised this surprise trip. Initially, Edgar had been less than appreciative when the weekend plans were unveiled. The pressure and expectations of Edgar’s new managerial position weighed on him. He tried to offer a compromise of postponing the vacation until he had settled into his new duties. Ramona was hurt that her efforts for a romantic and celebratory gift were being rebuffed. Exasperated that Ramona was unable to appreciate his point of view, Edgar suggested that they use this weekend to take a break from each other. After an emotionally charged discussion, Ramona won out and was able to cajole Edgar into capitulation.

This was the getaway they needed. Ramona felt that everyone could see how smitten they were with each other. Walking hand in hand, she was hazily aware of a crowd gathered near the car. She smiled as people gestured toward the beach. “They must want to do a story on couples in love,” she thought as cameras and crew drew nearer. Suddenly, Edgar’s hand was pried from hers. Ramona cried out for Edgar, as someone else grabbed his eyes from her other hand.

We’re supposed to be together forever!” Ramona wailed, as the officer placed his hand on her head and guided her into the backseat of the police car. As the vehicle pulled away, tears flowed from Ramona’s face, while Edgar’s blood flowed from the trunk of Ramona’s car.

When police later searched Ramona’s and Edgar’s apartment in the city, they found a diamond ring, tickets to the Bahamas for the following month, and a note detailing how Edgar couldn’t live without Ramona and how he looked forward to being together forever.